STRATEGI KOMUNIKASI DAN BIROKRASI: SATU TINJAUAN SEJARAH APLIKASI AMALAN PERHUBUNGAN AWAM DALAM AGENSI KERAJAAN NEGERI SABAH Communication Strategy and Bureaucracy: A Historical Study of Public Relations Practice in Sabah State Government Agencies

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Syahruddin Hj. Awg. Ahmad


The practice of public relations complements tactics of organizational
communication in terms of creating and disseminating messages within
organization. Tactical message dissemination is technically used to get information
direct from its sources as it will help management of the organization to make a
crisp and accurate decision. Public relations task on tactical message dissemination
are specially assigned to a particular person in this field purposely to gain image
of his or her bosses as well as to enhance writing skills and surely to let everybody
knows anything in an organization. A kind of job is successfully being traced back
to 1959. Through the Press Officer and Junior Information Officer (Div. III, North
Borneo Civil Service). As post-independent era in Sabah taking place the
responsibility of these two position were also being took by Press Secretary. This
study is organized by using content analysis technique to verify a bureaucratic
elements those are implicitly practiced in such a job.


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