Perpustakaan Kejuruteraan: Penyusunan Semula Bilik Bacaan di Fakulti Kejuruteraan


  • Andrew Lee


The Reading Room of the Faculty of Engineering was absorbed into the University of Malaya Library System in 7985. The Reading Room serves as a library. to support primarily the study and research of the undergraduates of the Faculty of Engineering as well as the teaching requirements of the academic staff of the Faculty. The Engineering Library as it is now called is undergoing a complete overhaul of its organizational set-up so as to serve its users more effectively and efficiently. A team of librarians was formed to recommend changes. The present library officer is carrying out the recommendations and proposals of the team. The Library will focus on collecting materials related to locol studies and at the same time provide basic services such as reader services, current awareness and interlibrary loans facilities to the Faculty. Its collection will also include British Standards, Malaysian Standards and related literature. The Library attempts to provide an efficient and effective service even though it is short of manpower. It will also look into the use of computers to better serve its users. With support from the Faculty, the University of Malaya Library and the Administration, ihe Library is beginning to play its role effectively.



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