Kajian Kepuasan Pengguna Perpustakaan Universiti Malaya 2020/2021


  • Ulya Sujak
  • Ratnawati Sari Mohd Amin
  • Lisdar Abdul Wahid
  • Muhamad Faizal Abd Aziz
  • Mohammed Zaki Abd Rahman
  • Nuratiqahnadzira Abdul Rani


Users satisfaction, survey, library services


User satisfaction surveys have always been significant in evaluating the service quality of the Universiti Malaya Library. In early 2020, the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak hit Malaysia. The implementation of various phases of Malaysia’s Movement Control Order (MCO) and the government’s imposition of new rules and regulations to control the spread of the virus greatly affected the Library’s functions and services. Starting in June 2021, the library services were entirely online. As a result, users had limited access to the Library components; collection, facilities (physical, non-physical), services, and staff assistance. The main objective of this survey was to measure user satisfaction with the Library services during the MCO.

This survey was conducted online. The questionnaire consists of five parts; demography, online information resource and library website, online services, staff, awareness of library service during MCO, comments, and suggestions. The number of respondents has decreased slightly from the previous year, despite extensive promotion through Library websites, social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram), and promotion by our liaison librarians to their respective faculties.

Overall, this survey was responded to by the University community (consisting of students and staff). Responses were presented in the graph, table, and explanation. The results show that undergraduate students dominated more than half of the respondents. Most users accessed Library online services from out of campus (local and abroad), and only 21% of the respondents were on campus.

Five elements are measured in all online collections; content, layout, currency, ease of access, and adequate information. The results of this survey suggest that users are satisfied and very satisfied with all online collections, especially on the content element. Pendeta Discovery and theses and dissertation collection are getting a score of more than 72% for all aspects. The library website is well-structured and easy to navigate. Therefore, users find it easy to find the information they need.

Users agreed that all online services (Pendeta discovery, membership, e-pay, interlibrary loan, document supply hub, information skills session) served  their  purpose.  Librarians  handle  online  services.

Users agreed that more than 85% of librarians were quick to respond to their inquiries and knowledgeable in giving answers. Eighty-four comments and suggestions were received, mainly concerning the A-Z online databases, library collection, and appreciation.


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