Perkhidmatan Perpustakaan Kepada Orang Cacat


  • Krishnan B.


Although the characteristics and problems affecting the disabled are universal, not all countries have responded to the plight of their disabled in the same way.Factors such as economic resources, cultural and religious backgrounds, involvement in war, awareness and attitude have all influenced the provision of facilities for the disabled. Before considering the facilities for disabled people, the environment in which they will participate should be made conducive so as not to restrict their full integration into the community. New technological aids and architectural design possibilities have the potential of contributing towards shaping the physical environment to accommodate the needs of disabled people. Libraries exist essentially to fulfill the educational, informational and recreational needs of a community. Librarianscan make the necessary adjustments that will make facilities, materials and programmes availableto the disabled. As an information centre, the library can playa vital role in disseminating information about the disabled which indirectly will enhance the development of public awareness to, and understanding of, the problems of the disabled.



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