Koleksi Akademi Islam di Perpustakaan Utama Universiti Malaya.


  • Habsah Haji Ibrahim


When the Islamic Academy of the University of Malaya was first established in 7987 there were very few books in the main Library's collection to support the teaching and research programmes of the Academy. Steps were taken by both the Main Library and the Akademi Islam Library to acquire books in Arabic. As a temporary measure, both libraries undertook the task of photocopying Arabic books borrowed from the Islamic Centre for Higher Studies Kelantan Library to cater for the immediate needs of the students and staff of the Academy in Kuala Lumpur. A special allocation of $700,000.00 was given by the University for the Library to buy books for the basic collection of the Academy. Associate Professor Dr. Othman Ishak, with the assistance of Dr. Abdul Aziz Hanafi, personally selected and arranged for the acquisition of Arabic books from Cairo. This article describes rather briefly the subject coverage of the books acquired as well as the acquisition, processing and the organisation of the Academy's collection at the Main Library.



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