Total Self-concept, Academic Self-concept and Artistic Self-concept of Malaysian Art School Students and Their Associations with Art Achievements

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Xi Ying Wong
Cheong Jan Chan
Zainal Madon


In this study, we investigated the profile of self-concept of artistically and musically talented students, urged by the fact that gifted students in general were reported to have low self-concept and suffered from societal-behavioural problems. The study also determined the associations of self-concepts and their achievements in art subjects. A total of 232 samples were taken from the Malaysian Art School. Data were collected using Self Description Questionnaire-II (SDQ II), Arts Self Perception Inventory (ASPI) and the results of the students’ Form Three Evaluation (PT3). Artistically talented students were found to have a moderately high level of self-concept, and their self-concept was significantly different between genders and the specific artistic domain they major in. There was also a positive association between total self-concept and academic self-concept with the artistic achievement of the art school students.


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