Cultural Representation of Anshun Dixi Opera in the Context of Tunpu Culture

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Heng Wu
Cheong Jan Chan


Anshun Dixi, a form of traditional opera, is one of the most dynamic and characteristic representations of Tunpu culture in Anshun City, Guizhou Province, China. In order to clarify in what ways things observed in Anshun Dixi bring meanings, this article applies Hall’s (1997) cultural representation theory to comprehensively explain the cultural symbols in the music, dance, script, costume props, and rituals of Anshun Dixi. This study found that, in the unique Tunpu cultural context, under the operation of the representation system, the cultural symbols of Dixi have been given special meanings. Anshun Dixi redefines Tunpu culture by explicating the aspects of the migration history and the military-influenced lifestyle of Tunpu people and how worship is practiced in the Tunpu community.


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