Measuring the Authentic Leadership Constructs among the Kerala CBSE School Principals in a Face-to-Face Intervention

  • Ravichandran Purushothaman University College Fairview


Today, principal’s role in a school has multifaceted responsibilities that they need different leadership skills to hover around the difficult challenges of dealing with teachers, students and parents. What is needed of a 21st Century Principals has various constructs to measure for knowing the effective leadership qualities of a Principal. Authentic leadership is one leadership quality that researchers identify it as a positive form of leadership to enhance employee’s psychological capital.  In this study, an attempt to measure the Authentic Leadership qualities among the Principals were measured though a survey instrument, which had responses gathered form the 63 Principals of CBSE schools in the state of Kerala, India. Four variables for assessing the Authentic Leadership, namely, Self-Awareness, Internalized Moral Perspective, Balanced Processing and Relational Transparency were measured using a Survey Instrument. The result showed that the standard deviation as a dispersion index to indicate the degree to which individuals within each variable differ from the variable mean. Among the studied variables, the individual value of self- awareness deviated the most from its mean (SD = 1.092). This standard deviation suggested reasonably high variability in respondents’ perception toward self-awareness. At the other side, the lowest deviation from mean belonged to Relational Transparency with the standard deviation of 0.972.

Keywords: Authentic Leadership, Self-Awarness, Internalized moral perspective, Balanced processing, Relational transparency


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