Book Review: Alexa Alice Joubin, Shakespeare and East Asia. New York, Oxford UP, 2021. xiii + 258 pp. ISBN: 978-0-19-870357-0.

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Adib Faiz


This book review analyses Alexa Alice Joubin’s Shakespeare and East Asia, a recent contribution to the field of Asian Shakespeares. In this sprawling work, Joubin analyses East Asian Shakespeare adaptations from the 1950s to the present day, showing how each displays a process of creative appropriation and subversion. In addition to reviewing the book’s contents, this review considers Joubin’s theoretical and interdisciplinary hybridity, showing how Joubin combines techniques to yield new insights. However, the review also considers the drawbacks of Joubin’s ambitious approach, which undermines the book’s argumentative coherence and leaves key research questions unexplored.


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Adib Faiz, The University of Adelaide (alumni)

Adib Faiz graduated with a double major in English and History with a first class in History from the University of Adelaide. He received several awards for his academic achievements, including the Mares-Eaden prize for Shakespeare and Early Modern Literary Studies. Upon returning to Malaysia, Adib worked as the head of the History department at an international school, and later conducted research at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) in the University of Malaya. He then worked at Kini Academy in the dual capacity of course coordinator and content creator, developing courses on political literacy, journalism, and Southeast Asian regional issues. Adib’s work has been published on academic and public platforms such as Sacred Web, Imagined Malaysia Review, Sarjana, Muzings and Malaysiakini. He has also organised and hosted multiple intellectual and cultural events. Adib is currently a freelance writer and copyeditor, and is pursuing a postgraduate degree in English Literature at the University of Malaya.