Dear Authors and Readers,

We would like to inform you about AFKAR Journal's policy regarding Special Issues. At AFKAR, we value scholarly contributions and welcome proposals for Special Issues that align with the scope of our publication.

The decision to publish a Special Issue is made by the Editorial Board, ensuring that it meets the journal's focus and thematic relevance. Special Issues are dedicated to exploring specific topics in-depth and providing a platform for in-depth research and discussions.

Please note that the submission process for Special Issues follows the same rigorous evaluation as our regular issues. Each submitted paper will be thoroughly reviewed by the editors to determine its suitability for publication. Acceptance for the Special Issue is not automatic, and only articles that meet the journal's standards for quality and significance will be included.

Maintaining the quality of AFKAR is of utmost importance to us. Hence, all articles, whether part of a Special Issue or regular issue, undergo a holistic review process. Regarding fees, AFKAR only charges publication fees. Any additional fees collected for a Special Issue are not in accordance with the policy set by the journal.

Our commitment to ethical publishing practices remains unwavering. We strictly adhere to our ethics and malpractice statement, ensuring the integrity of the research published in our journal.

Thank you for your continued support and contributions to AFKAR Journal.