Revisiting Architectural Structuralism: Archi-Cultural Pattern as a Method to Read the Meaning of Tamkesi Vernacular Architecture

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Reginaldo Christophori Lake
Purnama Salura


The widespread tendency to combine vernacular with modern architecture has led to the need for an in-depth understanding of the concepts that underlie the form of vernacular architecture. Unfortunately, there has been no systematic and rigorous research method aimed explicitly at reading the architecture of vernacular settlements that do not have written data on local traditions and culture. This study puts forward the theoretical-methodological steps to read the meaning of architectural patterns in the context of vernacular settlements by elaborating Levi-Strauss' structural analysis of myths with Salura and Alexander architectural theory. This study resulted in structuralist-inductivist steps to describe, analyse, and interpret vernacular architecture. The methodological framework consists as three significant parts: Firstly, to describe the activity and form of vernacular architecture in-depth based on the anatomical scope and architectural composition-properties. Secondly, to explore the surface structure of local myths, activities, and architectural form. Thirdly, to disclose the deep structure that underlies the relationship between local myths - activities - architectural form. These steps can be applied to read the meaning of vernacular settlements with no written sources on cultural traditions. Thus, this research contributes to the development of the theory and methodology of architectural scholarship. This research also acts as a source of knowledge for architectural practitioners and a significant input for the survival strategies of vernacular architecture.


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