Measuring Social Sustainability for Socially Sustainable Urban Development: A Preliminary Study in Dhaka City, Bangladesh

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Sultana Razia
Siti Hajar Binti Abu Bakar Ah


Social sustainability in socially sustainable urban development is an escalating global concern to ensure the well-being of urban society. Uncontrolled and rapid urbanization has transformed Dhaka into one of the world's largest megacities, leading to severe social problems. Therefore, it influences the city's social sustainability. Due to the lack of attention to social sustainability, especially in cities of developing countries, this study aims to measure the current status of social sustainability in Dhaka city for socially sustainable urban development. A structured questionnaire survey was conducted among residents of Dhaka. Results revealed that Dhaka city residents have low satisfaction levels regarding social sustainability conditions. They are not getting adequate facilities related to social sustainability for socially sustainable urban development. The results provide empirical evidence of the current status of social sustainability to policymakers, urban planners, and implementing agencies in Dhaka city that can assist in formulating appropriate socially sustainable planning, policy formulation, and practical implementation. The study might also help researchers in developing countries expand their thinking about other cities encountering similar problems.


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