One Stop Centre as a Boon to Property Development Approval Process. A Case Study:City Hall of Kuala Lumpur

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Ibrahim Mohd @ Ahmad
Faizah Ahmad
Ezrin Arbi


The delays in obtaining local authority approvals for land development have become a universal issue in the property development sector. In the past decades, the approval process in Malaysia was accused of having cumbersome and inconsistency procedures. Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Local Government has introduced a new processing system as the innovative initiative called One Stop Centre (OSC) in each local authority meant to expedite the planning, building and land development approval process concurrently. This study seeks to answer to the question of its achievement towards solving the problems since the OSC was implemented in 2007. The data were obtained through semi-structured questionnaire survey to clients of the OSC and the local authority planning officers. Findings of this study have highlighted that there are positive outcomes towards achieving the objective of its establishment but some areas in the process need immediate attentions.
Keywords :Approval Process, One Stop Centre (OSC), Local Authority, Property Development


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