Some Properties and Applications of Topp Leone Kumaraswamy Lomax Distribution

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Sule Ibrahim
Sani Ibrahim Doguwa
Audu Isah
Haruna, M. Jibril


Many Statisticians have developed and proposed new distributions by extending the existing distributions. The distributions are extended by adding one or more parameters to the baseline distributions to make it more flexible in fitting different kinds of data. In this study, a new four-parameter lifetime distribution called the Topp Leone Kumaraswamy Lomax distribution was introduced by using a family of distributions which has been proposed in the literature. Some mathematical properties of the distribution such as the moments, moment generating function, quantile function, survival, hazard, reversed hazard and odds functions were presented. The estimation of the parameters by maximum likelihood method was discussed. Three real life data sets representing the failure times of the air conditioning system of an air plane, the remission times (in months) of a random sample of one hundred and twenty-eight (128) bladder cancer patients and Alumina (Al2O3) data were used to show the fit and flexibility of the new distribution over some lifetime distributions in literature. The results showed that the new distribution fits better in the three datasets considered.


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Ibrahim, S., Sani Ibrahim Doguwa, Audu Isah, & Haruna, M. Jibril. (2021). Some Properties and Applications of Topp Leone Kumaraswamy Lomax Distribution. Journal of Statistical Modeling &Amp; Analytics (JOSMA), 3(2). Retrieved from