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Rusdi Mat Nor
Abdul Jalil Othman
Riyan Hidayat
Sharifah Nazirah Mustafa
Mohd Rashid Mohd Saad


This study aims to examine the reading comprehension of Form Four students based on Hebat Bacaan Module. There are three types of Hebat Bacaan Module used in this study, namely graphic text, fact text and non-fact text. In this study a total of 622 study samples were selected using group random sampling technique. A total of 283 male and 339 female respondents were involved in this study. The instrument employed is a questionnaire which is divided into two main parts, namely part A related to the demographics of the respondents, and part B related a reading comprehension test. There are 11 passages selected based on graphic text, facts and non facts found in the Hebat Bacaan Module to examine reading comprehension test. The findings of the study were analyzed using descriptive analysis, t-test, and Manova to answer the objectives. Findings show that reading comprehension of Form 4 students based on the text of the Hebat Bacaan Module shows that the mean sub-dimension of fact text is the lowest (M = 1.6074; SD = .23650; Mean = 1.00 and Max = 1.94), while the mean sub-dimension of graphic text is the highest (M = 1.6897; SD = 0.62; Min = 0.00 and Max = 2.00). While the mean sub-dimension of non-factual text is (M = 1.6375; SD = .29059; Mean = 1.00 and Max = 2.00). The level of reading comprehension shows that the mean of male is lower than female students where male (Mean = 1.661 and SD = 0.25) have lower aspects of graphic comprehension compared to female students (Mean = 1.713 and SD = 0.23), male (Mean = 1.574 and SD = 0.23) had lower factual aspects compared to female students (Mean = 1.636 and SD = 0.23) and male (Mean = 1.574 and SD = 0.28) had non-factual aspects lower facts compared to female students (Mean = 1,690 and SD = 0.28). Furthermore, this study also showed that students of non-Malays (Mean = 1.590 and SD = 0.26) had the aspect of comprehension graphics lower than Malay students (Mean = 1.750 and SD = 0.21); non-Malays (Mean = 1485 and SD = 0.23) have the sub-dimension of fact text lower than Malay students (Mean = 1.681 and SD = 0.19); and non-Malays (Mean = 1.489 and SD = 0:27) has the sub-dimension of non-factual text lower than Malay students (Mean = 1.727 and SD = 0.26). The conclusion shows that Hebat Bacaan Module affects the reading comprehension of Form Four students in both gender and race categories.


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