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Depression refers to unstable emotion state that characterised by extreme sadness, guilt, shame, and selflessness without any reasonable causes. Typically, the sadness, shame and feel guilty existed for a prolonged period. In fact, depressive people also tend to display loss of interest in most of the activity that they liked before and tend to be alone and avoid other people. At the severe stage, people suffer from depressive disorders also keep thinking to commit suicide. These symptoms cause a significant change in cognitive, emotional and behaviours aspect and distort the routine of their life and personal relationship with other individuals. More surprising, depression tends to occur among women rather than men. Until today it is unclear why women are at the higher risk to be depressed; compare to men. However, biology factors often seen as one of the risk factors exposed women to depression. This paper provides a general overview on the differences prevalence’s depression disorder between women and men.  The differences in depression disorders prevalence between women and men in this paper focus on symptoms and factors that cause depression among women. 


depression, women, depression symptom, depression factors, depression prevalence

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