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This paper intends to focus on the issue of women involvement with drug abuse and the treatments that have been initiated by rehabilitation centres in Malaysia. The issue of drug abuse is more prevalent among men compared to women. However, recently the involvement of women in drug abuse has become a serious issue as the statistics shows that the number of women involved with drugs has kept on increasing yearly. In this study, the researchers aim to uncover the intentions of the drug abusers as they enter the rehabilitation centre with the effectiveness of the treatment. This is because the intentions can be either voluntary or involuntary which can have a significant effect on the progress of the treatment. The intentions play a crucial role as it will determine the willingness of the client to participate during the treatment session. Thus, this shows that the effectiveness of the treatment program needs to work together with the client’s intention in order to be effective and help the clients to achieve their quality of life after being released from the centre. The results should help to answer whether there is a relationship between how the client's intention in entering the rehabilitation centre can give an impact towards the effectiveness of the treatment that will determine the drug abuser’s quality of life as they have been released from the centre. Hence, this paper will be able to contribute toward ensuring the efficiency of the treatment given toward clients in order to avoid them from relapse.


Gender studies women and drug rehabilitation centre drug treatment programs drug relapse

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