About the Journal

Educational Leader (PEMIMPIN PENDIDIKAN)

e-ISSN:  2601-0011

Educational Leader (Pemimpin Pendidikan) is a double-blind peer-review, open access online journal produced by the Department of Educational Management, Planning, and Policy, Faculty of Education, University of Malaya. We invite the submission of manuscripts that contribute to the improvement of the quality of educational leadership, management, planning, and policies. All manuscripts related to theoretical and methodological approaches are welcomed. We accept manuscript in any mode of inquiry (e.g., positivist, interpretive or critical approach) with a qualitative, quantitative or mix-research method that has the potential to contribute to our understanding of educational leadership, management or policy. We strongly encourage authors to consider both the local and global implications of their work. The journal’s goal is to clearly communicate with a diverse audience including both school and higher education levels readers, e.g. students, teachers, parents, and educational leaders. Additionally, the journal is interested in manuscripts that explore the causal relationship between leadership and its factors or outcome variables. Authors can submit their manuscripts in either English or Malay language.

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When preparing your revised manuscript, you are asked to carefully consider the reviewer comments which are attached, and submit a list of specific responses each of the comments (a matrix) so as to facilitate the re-review process. The similarity index for the article should not be more than 15% (please submit the report of turnitin or other software). Please send the manuscript to language editor and provide evidence. We look forward to receiving your final proofreading revised manuscript.