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Maisarah Mazlan
Nurhamizah Rashid
Norain Mod Asri
Norshamliza Chamhuri
Azrina Abdullah Al-Hadi
Hazrul Izuan Shahiri


Despite the fact that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) contribute significantly to the Malaysian economy, women's labor-force participation in STEM is still low, even though there is a considerable number of   women who graduated in this field. . The consequence of this scenario is that the number of women in STEM leadership positions is  limited. This, in turn, can limit women's opportunities to advance their careers and become leaders in male-dominated fields. The goal of this research, as such  is to identify the type of work environment that women require in order to continue serving and leading in the STEM field. The results gathered from the analysis of the questionnaire distributed to women leaders in STEM revealed that a work environment with positive aspects such as  motivating, coaching, mentorship, role model, leadership style, work-life balance, financial incentives, and fair opportunities, are equally important in accommodating  women leaders aspirations in STEM. These  factors are very important for women to continue to lead in  the STEM field and as such  other women will also be  motivated to venture into this field which in turn will increase the participation  of women as leaders in STEM.. The findings from the present study  are vital in ensuring that employers in both  public and private sectors are sensitive to providethe work environments that are conducive for women.


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