Kegiatan Pelajar Melayu di Kaherah, 1920-an hingga 1960-an

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Abu Hanifah Haris
Mohammad Redzuan Othman


Malay students were among the group of students from the Malay World who studied in Cairo, particularly at the al-Azhar University since the late 19th century. This article discusses the activities of Malay students in Cairo in the period after the Second World War between the 1940s to the 1960s. The study examines the literature consisting of a variety of primary and secondary sources to show that the Malay students in Cairo were involved in various social and political activities, where they developed a spirit of patriotism after the Second World War. Apart from establishing a good relationship with the Egyptian government, the Malay students in Cairo also forged relationships with student organisations in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. In fact, they also established collaborations with the leaders of Malaya and the Malay rulers to protect the welfare of Malay students in Cairo. High patriotism was also shown by the Malay students in Cairo by way of organising a celebration of the Independence Day of Malaya in 1957, as well as by advising the Malay Congress on matters concerning the future of Malay rulers, Malay states and the Malays.


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