Perkembangan Gerakan Anti-Malaysia oleh Adik-beradik Gunsanad di Borneo Utara, 1961-1963 The Anti-Malaysia Movement Of The Gunsanad Brothers In North Borneo, 1961-1963

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Saimin Ginsari
Joseph M. Fernando


This article is on the development of the opposition movement in North Borneo by the Gunsanad brothers, the Orang Kaya-kaya (OKK) Sedomon and his younger brother, Gunsanad Samuel Sundang or G.S. Sundang towards the formation of Malaysia. These two brothers acted through United Pasok Momogun Party (UPMP) founded from United National Kadazan Organisation (UNKO)’s convention that supported the formation of Malaysia which included the Dusun and Murut as ‘Kadazan’. Subsequently, throughout September 1961 until the early part of 1963, UPMP carried out a few movements to impede the formation of Malaysia. The climax of this movement is the opposition by G.S. Sundang together with Ong Kee Hui (Sarawak) and A.M. Azahari (Brunei) through a petition to the United Nations. However, the movement by these two brothers did not get the support of the other leaders in North Borneo. This movement ended when G.S. Sundang finally decided to support the formation of Malaysia and became one of the North Borneo representatives that signed the Malaysia Agreement on 9th July 1963 in London.


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