Sejarah Pemikiran Pandang Ke Timur Semasa Era Tunku Abdul Rahman

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Uqbah Iqbal
Nordin Hussin
Ahmad Ali Seman


This study analyses the history behind the Look-To-The-East idea in Malaysia from 1957 to 1970, a period during Tunku Abdul Rahman's administration as Malaysia's first Prime Minister. This study examines the resources available at the library and the National Archives of Malaysia. Over a decade after 1945, there were no official bilateral relations between Japan and the Federation of Malaya as Malaya was under British occupation for the second time after the Second World War. The history of British rule has provided the basis for the development of pro-Western ideas in the Federation of Malaya. After the Federation of Malaya gained its independence, British economic interests still control most of the economy. Bilateral relations between the Federation of Malaya and Japan began formally when Kishi Nobosuke visited the Federation of Malaya in November 1957. Although the Federation of Malaya was closely linked with the British after gaining its independence, it was still collaborating with Japan to reduce its dependence on the British. This was driven by the national need for alternative sources of economic assistance. When Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad continued the Look-To-The-East idea that led to the formation of the Look-To-The-East Policy, Japanese investment in the country had grown with Japan emerging as Malaysia's major trading partner.


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