Building Condition Assessment Focusing on Persons with Disabilities’ Facilities at Hospital Buildings

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Nuratiqah Aisyah Awang
Shirley Jin Lin Chua
Azlan Shah Ali


Despite the vast research conducted on Persons with Disabilities’ (PWDs) facilities, little is known about the condition of the implemented facilities. Previous studies were more focused on design implementation and maintenance issues started to protrude. The overall image that was gathered from the literature on the maintenance aspect of PWDs’ facilities is unsatisfactory, i.e. poor maintenance; operation and management often overlook, and outdated facilities due to inadequate proper maintenance. Maintenance aspect can affect the PWDs’ quality of living environment by creating barriers to the PWDs and often, to the extent that it involves safety issues. This study aims to obtain empirical evidence on the theory of PWDs’ facilities condition in prior studies. Study was conducted at two selected government hospitals in Selangor. The objective is to investigate the condition and maintenance priority of PWDs’ facilities using Building Assessment Rating System (BARS) produced by Public Works Department Malaysia. The condition, maintenance priority, and defects or damages of PWDs’ facilities have been identified from the analysis. It was found only PWDs’ toilets and lifts were having from average to very critical condition and require high maintenance priority. Findings have provided empirical evidence for prior studies on the importance of maintenance management for PWDs’ facilities.


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