Systematic Literature Review on Green Maintenance Principles and Maintenance Performance Indicators for Green Buildings Design

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Kunasuntare Purumal
Azlan Shah Ali
Norhanim Zakaria
Kurannen Baaki


The UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2020 highlighted buildings and cities as one among six sector solutions for climate change through enhanced energy efficiency and carbon reduction. A good performing green building is seen as a solution for energy efficiency and environmental protection, but performance of green building is largely affected by maintenance management. Green maintenance has been introduced to allow goal of maintenance to be realised using advanced technology and equipment at the lowest cost of resources and energy use, waste and minimise environmental effect. There have been findings that green buildings might not be performing as how it is intended. However, green maintenance performance indicators are rarely studied. Even though there is an issue in this area, it was found that there was still scarcity of studies that review the existing literature on green maintenance, maintenance performance, and maintenance management of green building. Hence, a systematic literature review was conducted on the integration of green maintenance principles into maintenance performance indicators for green buildings. This review was based on the publication standard, namely RepOrting Standards for Systematic Evidence Syntheses (ROSES) and integrated multiple research designs. Two leading databases (Web of Science and Scopus) was selected for the searching of existing literature. Based on the data, for green maintenance principles and performance indicators, 4 main aspects have been established, namely Environment, Economy, Technical and Social. 5 green maintenance principles that have also been identified. Moreover, 11 green maintenance indicators and 25 sub-indicators were identified. This study has offered significant contribution to the body of knowledge in this topic. The findings explained the importance of integrating green maintenance principles into maintenance performance for green building to ensure desired maintenance performance, as follows: 1) to encourage green building managers to realise their role in maintenance performance; 2) to plan integration strategies according to the desired maintenance performance; and 3) to inform on the knowledge gap existence on specific areas and future studies suggestions.


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