The White Mane Crossing Gannan

Discussion on Nativist Poetry by Tsering Tashi


  • Tah Wei CHAN


Native land Image is the most prominent kind of Chinese writings by contemporary Tibetan poet. For most poets, native land is sort of a phased writing plan more oftenly composed just by chance; and in order to look for samples with larger time span, longterm resident in “Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture” - Tsering Tashi would be the most desired researching subject. Since 1992 till today, Nativist poetry Writings by Tsering Tashi were always adhered to the “people-oriented” core concepts, while the ways cultural memory and genius loci managed by him were built on life fortune of different characters, in which each location has its own story that sums up for the completion of Gannan’s native land Image.

Keywords: Tsering Tashi, Native Land Poetry, Gannan, Cultural Memory, Genius Loci


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