A Thought on Human Geography

From the West to Xinjiang


  • Yee Voon CHOONG


This thesis will re-examine the historical context of “Western American Literature†and the significance and limitations of its naming. The proposed concept of “Western American Literature†has a positive significance, with crucial impact on the formation & research of Western American Literature section in China, and also greatly improve the visibility of Xinjiang literature. Whether it were inspired by the concept of movie or western views from the Central Plains, the long established section tasks in Western American Literature should have been completed. This name with its overall effect, should be giving way to a more dominant & meticulous regional literature that could highlight the relevant geographical characteristics. Embraced with multicultural perspective of Xinjiang, Literary writings has developed its independent Western American literary styles and characteristics through thinking path in human geography.

Keywords: Western American Literature, Xinjiang Literature, Human Geography, Deep Description, Sense of Place


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