JUMMEC Appreciation lunch

JUMMEC Appreciation Lunch 2024, Wyndham Grand Bangsar Kuala Lumpur


JUMMEC Appreciation Lunch 2023

8 February 2023 – JUMMEC hosted an informal lunch reception for all editors to thank everyone for their continuous support and contribution towards the suceess of JUMMEC. The luncheon was held at Pullman, Bangsar.


JUMMEC Meeting and Appreciation Lunch 2020

28 September 2020, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Malaya (meeting), Pullman Bangsar (Lunch)

We thank all the editors for the late hours, the weekends, and all the extra time you gave in achieving JUMMEC's targets.

Presentation of token of appreciation to the Senior Editor, Prof Dr Tunku Kamarul Zaman Bin Tunku Zainol Abidin. 


JUMMEC Appreciation Lunch 2019

JUMMEC has organized an Appreciation Lunch for all the editors on 13th December 2019 (Friday) at PAUM Club House. The auspicious afternoon was spent together as an appreciation for the editors' continuous support and enthusiastic contribution to JUMMEC throughout the years.

Our Founding Editor, Prof. Dato' Khairul Anuar has taken his time to attend this event. Our English Editors; Prof Geh Sooilin and Prof. Gracie Ong too have joined us. We really appreciate those who came, for traveling and taking time out of their busy schedules to attend this event.

The Editor-in-Chief of JUMMEC, Prof. Lau Yee Ling would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the effort and expertise that you have contributed to managing JUMMEC, without which it would be impossible to maintain the high standards of our journal.

From left: Dr. Thamil Selvee, Prof. Gracie, Prof. Dato' Khairul and Prof. Geh.

From left: Prof. Victor, Ms. Fatin, Prof. Dato' Khairul, Dr. Pooi Fong, Dr. Suzita, Prof. Gracie, Prof. Geh, Dr. Amirah and Prof. Lau.

Prof. Dato' Khairul, Prof. Gracie and Prof. Geh having a wonderful time catching up.

Prof. Gracie with our Founding Editor, Prof. Dato' Khairul.