Management Challenges in Creating Values of Learning Analytics: A Higher Education Institution Perspective

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Soo Mang Lim
Simin Ghavifekr
Husaina Banu Kenayathulla


To ensure success in the implementation of Learning Analytics (LA) from the perspective of higher education institutions (HEIs), this paper aims to look at the management challenges in creating values of LA in higher education institutions in Malaysia. Dramatic shifts and changes are immensely reflected in the landscape of higher education in the 21st century. Globalization, technology innovation, and data-driven decision-making are creating new demands and opportunities. The effective use of data in LA is a critical component of a digital learning strategy to personalize instruction for students particularly to increase students’ achievement in the tertiary level. Although applications of LA are in the stage of infancy in Malaysia, its presence is being felt, and it should not be ignored. This study utilized an interpretive paradigm and made use of semi-structured interviews with three respondents in a higher education institution. The findings from the thematic analysis show the strategic solutions for creating values in LA as illustrated in a hybridization framework rendering the following themes: trends and benefits; people, culture, infrastructural support, and data management; and strategic directions. Key issues remain at how far top management is willing to invest to embrace technology as financial issues continue to be one of the most important factors. Above all, this study can be used to guide LA implementation at HEIs in Malaysia, and hopefully the hybridization framework can be used to pave the way for a successful LA initiative.


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