Exploring Relationship Between Transformational Leadership and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors Through Lens of Workplace Spirituality

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Nauman Majeed
Mohammad Nazri Mohd Nor
Norizah Mohd Mustamil


Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) of the organizational members is becoming progressively vital and understanding how OCB works in organizations is an important issue of investigation equally for researchers and practitioners. OCB is recognized as extra role behaviors performed beyond the stated job requirements. Study of OCB in academicians and in educational institutions is of high value that definitely needs attention. This study aims to investigate the relationship between Transformational leadership and OCB of teachers in public sector higher education institutions in Pakistan. Despite the importance of influencing subordinates for leadership effectiveness, leaders in universities are usually not aware of their leadership style to influence and motivate employees, bring about extra effort and to increase the performances of the universities. This study examines how transformational leadership influences citizenship behaviors through rarely used dimensions OCBO (Organization) & OCBI (Individual) directly and indirectly through exploring the mediating role of workplace spirituality. The model was tested by employing Hierarchical Multiple Regression on survey responses collected from academicians employed in six public sector universities of Pakistan. Results from 340 responses indicated that relationship between transformational leadership and Organizational Citizenship behavior is statistically significant and partially mediated by workplace spirituality. The results support and add to the positive effects of transformational leadership style interconnected with Organizational citizenship behaviors. The findings make a significant contribution to leadership literature and propose that organizations should implement practices that help in building the climate of OCB in organizations.


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