Principal’s Transformational Leadership and Teachers’ Affective Commitment in Primary Cluster Schools in Selangor

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Jeyasushma Veeriah
Yan Piaw Chua
Yan Li Siaw


Leadership quality exerted by school principals is undeniably a crucial constituent in ascertaining commitment among teachers. Furthermore, commitment among school teachers is closely associated to various duties and obligations, with an innovative attitude in the light of school development. As such, this study investigates the influence of principal transformational leadership practices on teacher affective commitment in primary cluster schools located in Selangor. This study employed a quantitative methodology using self-administered questionnaires on 331 teachers from primary cluster schools around Selangor. The findings indicted a statistically significant and positive moderate correlation between principal transformational leadership practices and teacher affective commitment. Multiple regression analysis revealed that strengthening school culture appears to be the sole dimension of transformational leadership that is statistically significant in predicting teacher affective commitment. Finally, the findings obtained from this study can function as a reference among school principals in determining the effect of transformational leadership, as well as the significance of strengthening school culture to boost teachers’ affective commitment from the perspective of primary cluster schools in Selangor.


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