From Zhang Yongfu “Guyuan Shiji” Discover His Emotion of National, Home and Revolution / 从张永福《觚园诗集》读其民族、家国与革命情感

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Shiau Chen PUA


The Oversea Chinese in Southeast Asia play a decisive role in the Revolution of 1911. Zhang Yongfu was a overseas Chinese living in Singapore, he companied with Sun Yat-sen organized the Xingzhou Tongmeng Hui to advoted the Oversea Chinese in Southeast Asia in national revolution. As supported the Wang Jingwei to betray country in his old age, so Zhang Yongfu was ashamed by the overseas Chinese at that time. Zhang Yongfu’s lifetime may said as a tragedy and was a historical figure full of tragic in history of Revolution of Oversea Chinese in Southeast Asia. Zhang Yongfu expressed his depressed emotion in recited the classical poetry. One hundred and two poetry and Ci was compiled in collection of poems named as “Guyuan Shiji”. This collection of poems disclosed his inherent thought and emotion. From here well will know the complicate of emotion in national, home and revolution of Zhang Yongfu. His emotion in national, home and revolution was union together. The revolution emotion was because loving to country, but his behavior in support to Wang Jingwei in his old age, disclosed the contradiction between the recognized in national and home. Keywords: Zhang Yongfu, “Guyuan Shiji”, overseas Chinese of Singapore, national, home, revolution


潘筱蒨 拉曼大学中华研究院

在辛亥革命中,南洋华侨扮演着举足轻重的角色。张永福是旅居新加坡的华侨,早年与孙中山组织星洲同盟会鼓吹南洋华侨民族革命。但晚年张永福因拥护汪精 卫叛国,而为当时华侨所不耻。其一生可谓悲剧,在南洋华侨革命历史中是充满 悲剧色彩的历史人物。张永福在抑郁忧时之际,将其胸怀吟咏于古近体诗词。此 前后一百零二首的诗词汇集成册,名为《觚园诗集》。这本诗集透露了他内在真 实的思想与情感,由此可探析张永福对民族、家国与革命情感的错落交杂。其对 民族、家国的情感是与革命情感相结合的。革命情感的产生是由于爱国图存,而 其晚年拥护汪精卫却又透露他对民族与家国认可的矛盾性。


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