Organisational Structure and Development of Malaysian Buddhist Institute (1970-2019)

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Yi Chun CHIN
Thing Ho CHING








This paper discusses the historical development, teaching content, curriculum design, and teaching outcome of Malaysian Buddhist Institute (MBI) from 1970 to 2019. Malaysian Buddhist Institute was founded in 1970 and is currently affiliated with the Malaysian Buddhist Association. The Malaysian Buddhist Institute is the only local Buddhist educational institution recognized by the Malaysian government, which aims to promote Buddhist education, train the future dharma propagators, and nurture temple abbots or abbesses. Since its founding in 1970, MBI has strived to create an environment in which students can be trained to become distinguished Buddhist practitioners. How has MBI transformed and self-positioned in the Malaysian context, which integrates and infiltrates different values and cultures? How has it evolved in terms of organizational structure and institutional development? To what extent has it achieved its teaching objectives? By analyzing the history of MBI, Buddhist educators would better understand the current development of MBI, recognize the direction, historical position and responsibility of MBI, and better develop it in the future. This paper explores the history and organizational structure of MBI through the primary data and historical analysis research methods. Primary data of the research are mainly derived from graduation journals, newsletters of MBI, newspaper and website.

Keywords: Buddhist Institute, Buddhist Education, Teaching Objective, Organizational Development


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