About the Journal

The Journal of Issues in Education is a printed journal (ISSN 0126-5024) which double-blind peer reviewed published by the Faculty of Education, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. It is published once a year (December) in English and in Bahasa Malaysia. The purpose of JIIE is to understand the dilemmas, conflicts, issues and current possibilities which focus directly to the research of Malaysia's School Education and to provide the recommendation on a cutting edge issues which would be a research focus in future. 

The editorial committee invites contribution of manuscripts for the Journal of Issues in Education. Manuscripts can be a review of book/s, a conceptual paper, a meta-analysis of past articles, and/or a review of conference papers. The manuscripts should cover any one of the following aspects:

1·         Instruction and Learning Methods
2·         Therapy and Counseling Methods
3·         Assessment and Evaluation
4·         Leadership and Management
5·         Curriculum and Instructional Technology
6·         Language and Literacy
7·         Early Childhood Education
8·         Social and Cultural Issues
9·         E-learning and Distance Education
10·         Professional Development in Education
11·         Mathematics and Science Education
12·         Islamic Education
13·         Humanities and Social Science