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Journal of Malaysian and Comparative Law

The Journal of Malaysian and Comparative Law (JMCL) [ISSN 0126-6322/e-ISSN 2948-3786] is a refereed journal published annually by the Faculty of Law of the Universiti Malaya which began publication in 1974. It publishes original unpublished works comprising articles, comments, case notes and reviews on the whole spectrum of legal topics and issues.  Currently, it publishes twice a year (June & December).

The JMCL accepts and publishes contributions from scholars all over the world. Its articles, in English reflect its dual character as a Malaysian and comparative law journal. Its subject matter and contents, wide-ranging in character, reflect and emphasis  towards Malaysian and Asian laws. This is in keeping with its flavour of being a comparative journal.  Articles are therefore welcome encompassing a variety of topics and a diversity of authors. Contributions are invited from staff, practitioners and legal scholars worldwide. Please submit manuscripts to the Managing Editor of the Journal via online submission here.

Each manuscript will be peer reviewed before approval for publication.  Contributors will be notified of acceptance, rejection or the need for revision of their respective manuscripts. The Editors retain the right to make stylistic and grammatical changes to manuscripts accepted for publication without necessarily informing the contributor.

As the Journal has recently adopted an open access policy, articles published in the Journal from its first edition in 1974 to the present can be viewed and downloaded here.  

To subscribe for the latest issues, please click here.  For any enquiries, please email the Managing Editor at jmcl@um.edu.my.

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