The Role of Social Media Use in Social Coordination among Relief Local Organizations during Response to Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

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Ahmed Salmen Mansoor
Mokhtaruddin Ahmad


The extreme levels of uncertainty and complexity surrounding disaster relief operations call for the rapid diffusion of information. Thus, to collect and share information, humanitarian organizations have become largely dependent on Internet-based social media platforms. This paper presented a field study examining the effective way information can be diffused for the coordination of relief local organizations during their response to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The study made use of a statistical method of quantitative to obtain the results through social media use in access decision-making information of response and promotion of social coordination among the local relief organizations and study of humanitarian needs and the equitable distribution of relief.  This finding is indicating information posted on social media during a disaster was exhibited expediently compared to other means of dissemination that provides needed information at later disaster phases, however, the participation in the diffusion of information decreases with more communications. 



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