Correlation Between Product Placement in Film, Purchase Intention And Brand Attitude

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Rabiah Adawiah abu Abu Seman
Yee Shan Lew
Jing Ni Tee


Product placement has been widely used in international film industry because of its efficiency. During the past 20 years, the practice of product placement has grown appreciably which lead to most of the marketers nowadays use placements as their marketing strategy. Therefore, this research aim to analyse the effectiveness of product placement in film. Experimental design was employed by 40 respondents in UCSI University for this study which was supported by the theories of the Hidden Message and the Character-Product Interaction (CPI). Correlation between product placement in film, purchase intention and brand attitude were found significant. Brand attitude and the purchase intention after exposed to product placement have higher findings among others. Moreover, purchase intention and brand attitude of respondents both increased after being exposed towards product placement. Limitation were taken in account in terms of demographic, efficiency and extensive. Future researchers are suggested to conduct their studies with a larger sampling size, a longer duration and to conduct the study with different categories of product to provide a more accurate result for the improvement of marketers. Hence, marketers were suggested to use product placement in film in order to increase the purchase intention and positive brand attitude of audiences.Students generally have positive purchase intention and brand attitude on product placement in film no matter before or after the exposure to the selected movie Jurassic World.



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