Editorial introduction for special issue -- Regional Communication Student Colloqium (RCSC) 2022

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Nur Atikah A Rahman
Rani Ann Balaraman


In light of equipping ourselves with further perspective on how hybrid communication has made an impact to our communication and media field, the School of Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia has organized the Regional Communication Student Colloquium
(RCSC) 2022 in 20th October 2022, to provide students a platform to exchange their knowledge, experience and perspectives on the pertaining issue. RCSC 2022 aspires to offer a valuable research culture among students, both undergraduates and postgraduates in preparing them to become competent and established scholars. In specific, this colloquium is about “Celebrating Novice Researchers” in fostering students to share their novel ideas and offer opportunities for students to present their research to the communication society, in Malaysia as well as abroad. Particularly, our aim is to foster research culture among students and give them exposure on the research practices among scholars. Hence, this Special Issue presents the core perspectives of hybrid communication and digitally connected world in further sustaining people’s lives. The papers in this Special Issue comprise diverse range of topics, perspectives and research in communication and media that were presented and discoursed by both postgraduate and undergraduate students. In specific, the articles engage readers on issues, impact and challenges that are related to hybrid communication.

Dr Nur Atikah A Rahman and Dr Rani Ann Balaraman
Advisors of RCSC 2022 Organising Committee
School of Communication
Universiti Sains Malaysia


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