A Systematic Review on Brand with Virtual Team For NGOs

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Nurzuraini Mohd Zahri
Sabrina Mohd Rashid
Norsiah Abdul Hamid


A brand is what comes to mind when a potential supporter, donor, or consumer hears an organization's name. Brands are growing part of the workings of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) engaged in international aid and development. From telling and selling, branding has moved to communicating and sharing. In the NGO sector, branding draws attention to the complexities and clashes within NGO identity. This study examines the brand with a virtual team for NGOs. A systematic review of academic literature was done to find these. This review was constructed from the Reporting Standards for Systematic Evidence Synthesis (ROSES) protocol. To conduct this review, 128 articles were collected from three databases, which were chosen from Research Gate, Emerald Insight, and Google Scholar, and then articles were identified, screened, and reviewed. Once the selection was done, an analysis was then conducted. This was done to identify important branding elements that served as the basis for analysis when looking at the methods of a chosen brand for NGOs.


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