e-ISSN: 2637-1103

Frequency: 1 issue per year



The Journal of Research Management and Governance (JRMG) (e-ISSN: 2637-1103) is a peer reviewed and open access journal published annually by Universiti Malaya. The main aim of JRMG is to provide a platform for scholars in the field, research leaders, managers, officers, funders, and other related parties, including industry personnel to share their findings, knowledge, and experiences in the broad area of research management and governance.

Articles published in JRMG cover all aspects related to the management and governance of research in higher education, research institutes and organisations, as well as funding bodies and agencies.

JRMG welcomes the submission of research articles, and opinion-based essays on topics such as the following:

  • challenges and solutions in research management and governance
  • financial management of research funding
  • innovative practices in research management and governance
  • international, national and /or organisational level research priorities, policies, and strategies
  • legal aspects of research management and governance
  • research management and monitoring of research progress
  • management of IP and the commercialisation of research output
  • management of international/ interdisciplinary/ private-public research projects
  • management of research communication
  • management of research ethics
  • measurement of research output, outcomes, and impact
  • open science (open access and open data)
  • technology and research management tools
  • the future world of research

Other topics related to research management and governance may also be submitted. Submissions based on case studies and comparative studies are also welcome.

Authors are advised to refer to the Authors' Guide for information on article submissions.



The Journal of Research Management and Governance (JRMG)) is committed to publishing high-quality papers. JRMG follows the following guidelines and policies.


Editorial Policy and Peer Review Policy

Papers submitted to JMRG will be put through a plagiarism software before they are assessed by the Editor-in-Chief (EiC) and Associate Editors to determine if they are suitable for the journal, and if they are, they will undergo a double-blind peer review process. The papers will be sent to at least two expert reviewers. The final decision to accept the paper will be made by the EiC and Associate Editors.


Ethical Practices

Authors must adhere to the highest standards of research integrity. This includes obtaining informed consent and ensuring the ethical treatment of participants (where appropriate). The paper must be an original piece that has not been previously published and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. It must contain no elements of plagiarism or falsification of data.

All authors must consent to the submission and publication of the paper. Refer to the section on the roles and responsibilities of authors for more information.




Journal Advisor and the International Advisory Board

The Journal Advisor (JA) for JRMG is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation at Universiti Malaya. The International Advisory Board (IAB) comprises academics and research managers from different regions. Together with the JA, the IAB provides input to the Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editors on the quality and direction of the journal.



The Editor-in-Chief (EiC) is responsible for the initial screening of submissions, the final decision to accept a submission, as well as the management of related issues that may arise with submissions. The EiC works with the Associate Editors on these decisions, on the review process and on overall content and future direction of JRMG. The EiC is responsible for maintaining the quality of submissions and timely publication of the journal.


Associate Editors

The Associate Editors (AEs) assist the Editor-in-Chief (EiC) with the initial screening of submissions assigned to them, the final decision to accept a submission, as well as the management of related issues that may arise with the submissions. The AEs assist the EiC with these decisions, the review process and on the overall content and future direction of JRMG. The AEs assist the EiC to maintain the quality of submissions and timely publication of the journal.


Guest Editors

Guest Editors may be invited to put together a thematic issue of JRMG. They will work with the Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editors to ensure that the submissions and the issue adhere to the journal’s policies and guidelines.


Journal Manager

The Journal Manager (JM) oversees the overall management of the online system from submission to publication. The JM ensures that all submissions are complete and have been put through the plagiarism software. The JM will be the point of communication for queries about the journal system.


Authors and Corresponding Author

Authors must ensure that their work is original and is not being considered for publication elsewhere.  The research reported in the manuscript must have been conducted in an ethical manner. There must be no falsification of data or element of plagiarism.

The corresponding author (CA) is responsible for ensuring that all the points indicated above are adhered to. The CA is also responsible for ensuring the following:

  • All authors have consented to the submission and if accepted, to the revisions and publication of the manuscript.
  • The order of the authors reflects the authors’ contribution to the manuscript.
  • All the authors’ information (e.g., name, affiliation, contact information, ORCID) are correct.
  • Permissions for third party materials have been obtained.
  • Parties who have contributed to the manuscript (e.g., funding bodies and non-author contributors) are duly acknowledged.
  • Any conflict of interest must be declared.
  • The required documents for submission are prepared according to the submission guidelines and are uploaded in the journal system. Incomplete submissions may be rejected.
  • If the manuscript is accepted, the revised version with a detailed response to the reviewers must be provided by the deadline given.
  • Be responsible for accepting the final proof of the manuscript for publication.



Reviewers must adhere to the following:

  • Treat manuscripts assigned for review as confidential.
  • Declare any conflict of interest with the research and any other part of the manuscript.
  • Provide an objective and constructive review of the manuscript.
  • Complete the review within the time given, and if this is not possible, the Editor-in-Chief and/ or Associate Editor in charge of the related review must be informed immediately.