The Journal of al-Muqaddimah is a compilation of postgraduates and researchers papers in an online journal. Papers and essays come entirely from research-based results and academic activities. Our aim is to encourage students to pursue their passion for history by providing them with a chance to become published historians. Online editions of this journal are published twice a year (June and December). The Journal of al-Muqaddimah is a refereed journal and aims to promote genuine research in the field of Islamic civilization studies. The multi-disciplinary nature of this journal includes the following fields: Islamic history, Islamic education, Islamic literature, Islamic arts and so many others. The journal also is interested in theories relevant to these disciplines. Thus, the journal presents itself to a wide readership interested in Islamic studies. Our publication will cover articles, reviews of books and short articles on recent issues relevant to the theme of each issue. The working languages will be Malay, English and Arabic. This Journal seeks to make a strong link between scholarly work published in Malay, Arabic and English; hence the latter seems to be dominant over the former. Therefore, we welcome contributors from any historical and Islamic studies backgrounds. Other special events and issues will be announced on the e-journal website. The website itself will be a forum for academic discussions related to the theme of the e-journal. The editorial board includes several scholars representing different universities and institutions around the world.