Konsep Sila dan Akhlak: Satu Analisis Awal

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Khadijah Mohd Khambali @ Hambali


The word sila in Buddhism and akhlaq in Islam are theological term. Normally, the words referred as an ethic and attitude. Besides, many of the Western Scholars put them synonym. Thus, the concept and why are they synonym are not known. Therefore, this article attempts to elaborate the two words in various taakulan based on theories which already exist.


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Mohd Khambali @ Hambali, K. (2000). Konsep Sila dan Akhlak: Satu Analisis Awal. Afkar: Jurnal Akidah &Amp; Pemikiran Islam, 1(1), 139–154. Retrieved from https://ejournal.um.edu.my/index.php/afkar/article/view/5415
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Khadijah Mohd Khambali @ Hambali

Associate Professor, Department of Aqidah and Islamic Thought, Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya

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