Art of the Story in the Arabic Literature


  • Salahuddin Mohd. Shamsuddin UNISSA
  • Siti Sara Hj. Ahmad UNISSA


ألف ليلة وليلة, المقامات, التوابع والذوابع, رسالة الغفران, رسالة حيي بن يقظان, قصة سلامان وأبسال


The story appeared in the prose later than the poetic epic and drama in the world literature. The story was the last literary genre that had emerged in the world literatures. It was free from the restrictions of the literary criticism and least committed to the rules of criticism. This freedom made it to take urgent steps towards the progress in the modern age, overtaking the other genres in the performance of the humanitarian message of the literature. Therefore, it obtained a superiority and a social and artistic status among the other literary genres in the grand literatures. There were some narrative elements in the ancient epic that helped the emergence of narrative prose in Greek literature in the second century AD for the first time. The story had the nature of epic at that time, which was included the metaphysical adventures, magic and supernatural things. The events of story in that era were running around the separation of couple, horrific dangers, frightening scenes and obstacles that were counted as a reason of the separation between them, but they crossed all those obstacles by some unusual ways. Then there was a happy ending by the meeting held between them. In this article we study six stories entitled: “One Thousand and One Nightâ€, “Disciples and Cyclonesâ€, “Message of Forgivenessâ€, “Message of Ḥayyi bin YaqdhÄn†and Story of SalÄmÄn and AbsÄl. There are some religious stories of prophets mentioned in Quran, but the art of technical story was not intended by them.


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