Aqqād’s Poetry in the Critical Scale of Syed Qutb Literature

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Mohammad Yousuf Mir


The research aims to discuss how Syed Qutb has done the critical study of Aqqad’s Poetry and how he valued its status in his critical scale. Despite mutual agreement among Poets and Critics over Aqqād’s eminent place in Prose Literature and Criticism, there is a conflict upon his status in the realm of Poetry among Critics. Whereas some of the critics including Marun ‘Abood and Mahmud Mandur consider him an average poet, some others acknowledge his eminent place in the field of Poetry but at the same time they criticise the dominance of thoughts over emotions in his poetry and the leading one among them is his genius and favourite student, Syed Qutb, who availed of his long company. Keeping in view the same, the paper is an endeavour to assess Aqqad’s Poetry on the critical scale of Syed Qutb and specify his status in the Arabic Literature with overwhelming evidence and bright proof mentioned by Syed Qutb to prove his correct stance towards Aqqad’s Poetry. The analytical and critical methodology has been followed throughout the paper.

Keywords: Syed Qutb, Poetry, Aqqad, Critical Scale, Critics


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Mir, M. Y. (2023). Aqqād’s Poetry in the Critical Scale of Syed Qutb: Literature. Al-Ḍād Journal, 7(1), 27–39.