• Muhamad Syahman Mahdi Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Yusmilayati Yunos Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Mohd Yuszaidy Mohd Yusoff Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


Tools, Animation, Community College, Creativity, Upin & Ipin


The revolution in the education system and the challenges of globalization today have encouraged creative exploration and creativity across fields and boundaries of universal thought. Recalling the celebration of the year of creative and innovation in Malaysia in 2010, this culture requires continuous effort and support to ensure that this creative exploration is not left forgotten. The production of Upin & Ipin animation published by Les Copaque production aims to be a teaching aid and learning medium in Tanjung Piai Community College in particular. Along with the purpose of creative learning production, students' perception in bringing and understanding a topic has become increasingly positive with the help of Upin & Ipin animation in learning activities. This writing was produced to see the students' acceptance of Upin & Ipin animation as an interactive and informative teaching aid. Upin & Ipin animation is a field of message delivery of ideas, creativity, interest and imagination in encouraging cultural unification to produce something out of the box. This is in line with the views of many researchers who emphasize the importance of creativity in education as the basis of economic development and daily life skills (Craft 2005, Sternberg and Lubart, 1999). This animated production element becomes an interesting insert as a medium and game model that has an interesting design and design trigger is also taken into account through the study of materials covering certain aspects. This is to ensure that Upin & Ipin animation teaching aids can be used directly in improving the understanding of students at Tanjung Piai Community College. This study uses Statistical Packages For Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23.0, which is data analyzed to obtain average data. The study was conducted in quantitative form because the data were analyzed using percentage, frequency, standard deviation and mean score analysis. A total of 60 students in semester one to three of Tanjung Piai Community College consisting of students in Entrepreneurship, Malaysian Studies, National Language A and Soft Skills classes were selected to evaluate the feedback of the questionnaire on perception of Upin & Ipin animation as a teaching aid. Through the analysis made, the average mean of the data shows a reading of 4.41 which shows the position at a high level for all questionnaires answered by the respondents. The analysis as a whole reveals a positive perception for Upin & Ipin animation as an interactive teaching aid. The range of diversity of ideas represented by this animation becomes an interactive communication medium in learning sessions. Related research activities have revealed how space in creative contributions can provide new methods to the learning agenda in Community Colleges which is an initial step taken in responding to industry 4.0 challenges especially in the scope of education.


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