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Vol 6 No 1 (2017): The International Journal of East Asian Studies








Table of Contents

1. Japan’s Responses to China’s Economic Incentives and Initiatives towards ASEAN

Mohd Ikbal Mohd Huda

2. Japan’s Environmental Pollution Issues: 1950s to 1970s

Artikharina Awang, Alias Abdullah, Tengku Adeline Adura Tengku Hamzah and Mohd Shahrizal bin Azhari

3. Deepening Indo-Japan Relations and its Impact on South Asia

Sudhir Singh

4. First-Hand Learning Participation: An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Learning Outcomes of Long-Term Stay Malaysian Students in Japan

Rahimah Muhammad Nor, Asmadi Hassan and Rohayati Paidi

5. Race in the Shipbuilding Industry: Cases of South Korea, Japan and China

Tan Soo Kee

6. The Dokdo /Takeshima Dispute: Responses and Approaches

Azlie bin Ismail


Published: 2017-12-15
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