Usage of mobile phones among flood victims in Malaysia

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Aini Maznina A.Manaf
Tengku Siti Aisha Tengku Azzman
Saodah Wok


One of the worst ever flood disasters in Malaysian history that occurred in December 2014 has caused a lot of damage including to lives, houses and material possessions. Large parts of the country mainly in the East Coast area consisting of Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang have been badly affected. This study was conducted to explore the use of the mobile phone during the 2014 Malaysian flood. A cross-sectional survey with a total number of 507 respondents who live in the flood affected areas was conducted to examine the use and satisfaction obtained from the usage of the mobile phone. Being active users of the mobile phone, flood victims mainly used it to obtain information about the flood situation in their community and to communicate with close family members. Furthermore, mobile phones were used to gratify social, entertainment, and mobility needs. Findings of the study will have implications on uses and gratifications, mobile phone use and natural disasters.



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