Credibility of Television, Newspaper and Internet with Popular Votes of Barisan National during Elections by Race

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Syed Arabi Idid
Saodah Wok


Researchers have been concerned with media credibility on several counts. One is the concern of media effects on the audience. The reasoning is that the more credible the media, the more effects the media are said to have on the audience. Media credibility is the degree of believability of the source of information by the audience. This article presents a longitudinal study on media credibility and relates the concept of media credibility to popular votes during the general Malaysian elections. This article also traces the degree of credibility of three major media, newspaper and television, and the Internet. Specifically the article has two main objectives, namely, to gauge the level of media credibility over a period of time, and to analyze the changing credibility level of specific media to popular votes during the general elections.



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