Self-regulation practice of advertising industry in Malaysia: Outlook of industry players awareness and application.

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Fahizah Shamsuddin
Mohamad Saleeh Rahamad
Hasmah Zanuddin


The purpose of this study is to investigate the experiences of advertising practitioners and advertising agencies creative teams in Malaysia specifically within the process of modifying creative output with reference to the two self-regulatory rules that govern the advertising industry in Malaysia. Players in the industry are required to take responsibility and abide by the rules outlined in two Advertising Self-Regulations (ASR) that are part of the Malaysian Code of Advertising Practise and the Communications and Multimedia Content Forum of Malaysia. In this study, in-depth interviews were conducted as a part of the qualitative method to get critical feedback on the holistic view of ASR. A total of nine informants representing three categories of senior industry insiders such as regulators, advertising practitioners and creative agency members were involved through in-depth interviews through the selection of purposive sampling method. The study has revealed many advertising practitioners have recognised their internal and external duties to guarantee a favourable image from the creative material they generated or authorised. Which have also reflected mostly positive outcomes through the concept of knowledge, relevancy, and acceptance of the code of practise.


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