The paper should be within the themes of Shariah Studies in its classical and contemporary perspectives. This includes the discussion on fiqh and its jurisprudence, economics, law, political sciences, public administrations and social Sciences.

Author’s Information

The paper should be attached with brief information about the author(s), namely full name(s) highest academic achievement, attachment to any scholarly institution or organization and e-mail.


There is no charge for article processing and submission.

Basic Format

The paper should be either in Malay or English only. The paper should be minimum 10 pages and maximum 30 pages including abstract, footnote and references. The paper should be typed using only Times New Roman font size 11 while font size 10 for footnotes. For Roman characters, including the transliteration, while Traditional Arabic font should be used for Arabic or Jawi characters.

Writing Style

The paper should use only a footnote system, and neither an in-text note nor an endnote. The footnote, basically, should follow either the 16th Chicago Style.


The paper should be submitted in the digital file form "*.doc" which would be compatible for the computer application Microsoft Word 2010. Submission should be e-mailed to


The published paper shall be a copyright of the Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.


The published paper would not represent the stand or opinion of the Advisory Board, Editorial Board, the Management Team of Jurnal Syariah, or the Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya. The author is fully responsible for the perspectives of the published paper.