Aims and Scope

The manuscript should be within the themes of Shariah Studies in its classical and contemporary perspectives. This includes the discussion on fiqh and its jurisprudence, economics, management, law, political sciences, public administrations and social Sciences.

Basic Format

The manuscript should be either in Malay or English only. Manuscript written in Malay must provide the title in bilingual (Malay & English). While the abstract, keywords and author’s affiliation are in English. Articles written in English must be proofread from any professional proofreader to enhance your article. The manuscript should be minimum 10 pages and maximum 30 pages including abstract, footnote and references. The manuscript should be typed using only Times New Roman font size 11 while font size 10 for footnotes. For Roman characters, including the transliteration, while Traditional Arabic font size 15 should be used for Arabic or Jawi characters.

Author's Information

The manuscript should be attached with brief information about the author(s), namely full name(s) highest academic achievement, attachment to any scholarly institution or organization and e-mail. The corresponding author is the submitter of the article. All co-authors must register with the online system and the submitter needs to fill in the metadata of each co-author.


The manuscript should use only a footnote system, and neither an in-text note nor an endnote. The footnote should follow the 16th Chicago Style ( The footnote should be typed and single-spaced, using Times New Roman font 10, and should be noted with numbers 1, 2, 3 respectively (which can be created by clicking Insert Footnote on the References tab in Microsoft Word). The author must also provide the footnote/sources in English if the manuscript written in Arabic language. 


Each manuscript should use Transliteration in the Romanisation of Arabic words. The transliteration should follow the Romanisation style of American Library Association - Library of Congress or ALA-LC Romanisation Tables (


References of each manuscript should follow the 16th Chicago Style ( References should be noted with numbers 1., 2., 3.  and typed and single-spaced, using Times New Roman font 11,  and placed it below the text of the manuscript. The author must also provide the references in English if the manuscript written in Arabic language. 

Reviewer Suggestions

During the submission process, please suggest three potential reviewers with the appropriate expertise to review the manuscript. This would assist in hastening the editorial and review process and, therefore allow your submitted articles be published in a timely manner. Please provide detailed contact information (name, e-mail, position, institutional affiliation and expertise). The proposed reviewers should neither be current collaborators of the co-authors nor have published with any of the co-authors of the manuscript within the last five years. Proposed reviewers should be from different institutions to the authors. You may identify appropriate Editorial Board members of the journal as potential reviewers. You may suggest reviewers from among the authors that you frequently cite in your manuscript.

Manuscript Template

Authors are encouraged to use the template provided by JS (Jurnal Syariah Template) to prepare their manuscript. Using the template file will substantially shorten the time to complete copy-editing and publication of accepted manuscripts. For format details, please refer (Jurnal Syariah Writing Format) guidelines.


The manuscript should be submitted in the digital file form "*.doc" which would be compatible for the computer application Microsoft Word 2010. The author submits a manuscript via the journal’s online submission system. During submission, the author needs to upload:

1- Manuscript with author's affiliation name.

2- Manuscript without the author's affiliation name, including the acknowledgments.

3- Proof from the English editing/proofreading services.

4- Potential 3 reviewers' names.

5- Turnitin originality report (less than a 15% similarity index).

6- Copyright Transfer Agreement Form.


There is no charge for article processing and submission.


The published paper shall be a copyright of the Academy of Islamic Studies, Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.


The published paper would not represent the stand or opinion of the Advisory Board, Editorial Board, the Management Team of Jurnal Syariah, or the Academy of Islamic Studies, Universiti Malaya. The author is fully responsible for the perspectives of the published paper.