Special Issue Guideline

  1. All special issues must receive initial approval from MJS Editorial Board. Only maximum 15 articles will be considered.
  2. An agreement has to be signed between MJS and the Conference organisor requesting for special issue.
  3. Selected articles should be at least 70% from international authors.
  4. The review process and editorial procedure: Special issue articles should fulfil all the normal requirements of MJS guidelines. The special issue’s editors from the conference organisor will select the articles and if the articles meet the appropriate standard, scopequality, originality, and significance. Authors need to submit their papers via MJS online submission system at  https://mjs.um.edu.my/
  1. Manuscripts must be in English. Editors should make it clear to authors that being invited to submit a paper is not a guarantee of its publication. Authors should submit their papers to the appropriate Special Issue, from a dropdown menu within the system, when asked during the submission process.  The submitted papers will then be available within the online system for the editors to send out for double blind peer review.
  1. MJS Assigned Editor are expected to oversee the peer review process for the Special Issue but final acceptance approval for each paper will be given by the MJS editor.
  1. In addition, where a “major revision” has been requested, the revised paper would also be peer reviewed. In summary, guest editors are expected to apply the same editorial rigor as the journal editors.
  1. Length: A full Special Issue should comprise of approximately 10 -15 articles or 120 pages only. If the review process results in fewer articles than this a part-Special Issue can be published. If there are other good articles accepted by reviewers then it will be published in normal issues.
  1. Special issue will be in addition to the normal four (4) issues per year. 
  1. Cost: All cost to be covered by party requesting special issue.
  1. Editorial administrative fees of USD500 x 2 months months to be paid to Editorial Assistant by the party requesting the special issue.
  1. Name of Guest editors of special issue will be included in the front cover while details about the conference will be included in the second page.
  1. Special Issue chargeswill be USD1,500 per issue .